New- Alphabets Cake Baking Tins

And Sign Cake Baking Tins - 3 Inch - AB-2

Sizes : 10" x 7"
Depth - 3 "
Made from special anodized food grade material.
Good conduction of Heat.
Strong reinforcement ring.
No leaking or sticking of batter ( For better result its advisable to use grease paper).
No hot spots.
Bakes evenly - no sinking in the middle ( For better results please use heating core ).
Easily washable.
Very good value for money.

Book Shape Cake Baking Tins

New- Alphabets Cake Baking Tins - AB 1

A set of Small Alphabet cake tins from A - Z Ideals for new cake makers and decorators. Must have for every home kitchen. Suitable for Weddings Birthdays Anniversary Valentines and Christmas Celebrations. These tins can also be an ideal Christmas presents option for your loved ones :) So now you can spend more time decorating which is far more fun than shaping the cake. Approximate Size: Full Set - A- Z ( 25 Tins M and W can be used interchangeably Length: 10" x 7.5" Depth: 3" New Gauge: 0.35